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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let's get ready to rumble

Last Thursday we had a very interesting P.E class, we had a zumba dance class for our excercise. Zumba is an exercise that consists of dancing of different styles and constantly moving, it is very fun and motivating and often you find yourself laughing at yourself trying to do some of the moves and it doesn't matter if you look silly because it's just of heap of fun. Zumba also helps you get very fit and helps you clear your head while doing so.

Zumba is a big dance party full of happiness and movement and is extremely enjoyable when doing it with your friends and I reccommend it greatly.

Monday, November 4, 2013

And We're Back

Today was the first day back from our mid-term break, a break which consisted a three hour long drive to Mayo into the middle of nowhere, a disco which consisted of little kids and my friends and I have gradually come to the realization that we were becoming to old for this certain disco and a Halloween that was just meant we stood in the freezing cold and watched children go trick or treating. So this morning when I woke up I had to make the adventure of hoping out of my fluffy and comfy pajamas and stripy socks and make a change for the good auld uniform. After the ritual of putting back on uniform, I came to the awful realization that I had to go back to making my lunch and that I would have to go back into a routine of doing so for the next two months until Christmas.Coming back into school classes resumed to normal, everyone chatted about their Halloween and mid-term and how all tired we were after our so called ''rest''.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Just Flew In From The Windy City

This year for our school musical we have decided to do Calamity Jane, a story about a girl who is a real tomboy living in country Northern American in the 1950s. Calamity brings back a girl called Katie pretending to be a show girl called Adelaide Adams to try and save the local saloon (bar) and the story takes off from there.
    To get a part in the play you had to go to an audition and perform the song The Windy City, in the style of Calamity and then you had to do an acting audition from the scene of when Calamity first meets Katie. If you get past the auditions, you would get a call back, here you had to sing The Windy City again and then perform a duet with another person singing A Woman's Touch.This was the real testing part as you had to give it all to get a main part but I have to say it was real fun acting as a different person.
    Today we found out who got the main parts, I was fortunate to get the part of Rattlesnake, one of the miners/cowboys in the play. Rehearsals will be on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. It'll be a lot of work but a lot of fun at the same time and well worth it. The play will be on stage in February/March.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Looking Into The Past

For the past week , I have been very busy from work experience to junk kouture, Drive for Life talk and the fun walk. Work experience was once again a terrific day as I have gotten even better at using the pricing gun, which I was quite proud of if I must say so myself and I got better at doing invoices, which was also a bonus. I've realized how hard it is to work for a full day and how tiring it is but I suppose if you love your job then it should be fun and something you look foreward to.
    We are also making progress on or junk kouture outfit. We have started to paint the shoes and put the leaves onto the dress. I have great faith in this dress and I really hope we do well and achieve amazing with it. Its defiantly going to be white and all that jazz and I'm most certainly excited about doing it.
  Tuesday we had a talk on road safety. Most people thought when they heard we were just going to have a talk on  putting on our seatbelts, look right and left when crossing the road, myself included in this group . But this talk was alot more graphic than we thought it would be, the man giving the talk showed us videos of people being in carcrashes , for example, a school bus in Ohio . They had security cameras on the bus but no seatbelts, when the bus driver swerved around a car , the bus toppled over and all the children on the right hand side topple onto the children onto the left, I jumoed when we watched this video as it happened so fast and has made me so concious about wearing my seatbelt.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Work experience was an experience that was quite enjoyable. I got to experience what it was like to work in a real job and deal with real problems. Also I got to work with a pricing gun  and working on invoices and stacking books, which I found quite enjoyable. I was also quite nervous that day because I wasn't sure who I was working with or what i would be doing but it all turned out to be great as everyone was lovely and kind and I was never bored.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashion, Darling, Fashion

Today was a very progressive day for my JunkKouture project...we came up with a final design. This design took a lot of planning and thinking before we came up with the final design and it's a design that we're all very happy with.
     Before coming up with the design, we had other ideas such as a jumpsuit with a cape and wings but we finally came up with a piece inspired by John Rocha, that i personally call the flower dress. So for this dress we are getting leaves of the sizes large, medium and small and then we are painting them red. The dress itself is going to have a tulip bottom and then on top its going to have a v-neck, we then are going to make our own ballet flats and have a floppy hat on top to finish the look, the dress is also going to be white.
   I think this dress will take a lot of work but it's going to be fun and well worth it!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Carlingford: Their love of dark enclosed places

Carlingford. A trip full of adventure, laughter and of course rain. This  trip hit the road, when all of  the T.Ys arrived at the Esso station to get on board the bus to take us to Carlingford at seven o'clock in the morning, the journey took approximately an hour and a half, this journey consisted of eating and singing by a bunch of over tired girls to exhausted to care what they even looked like.
          After arriving in the beautiful village of Carlingford, we got split up into two groups, my group got to the laser combat activity first. This was a personal favorite of my  mine. We got to trek up a humongous hill into a forest and shoot at each other with laser guns. Later that evening we went back up the evening and went in a hike with our eyes covered with blindfolds, this was alot of fun also as when we took off our blindfolds, it was dark. The most terrifying experience that I have ever experienced happened that night also, we had to crawl through a pitch black tunnel under the ground that was a meter wide and extremely small, stuffy and smelt like vomit, not an experience I enjoyed to say the least. On a more happier note, the rest of the night was full of food and giggling  and the more food, also the showers were to die for if you were staying in the apartments.
   The next day was a sad day, not only was it our last day but it was also raining but that did not break our spirits. Our group got to go body zorbing and do other activities in the morning but body zorb ing was the most thrilling and fun. Body zorbing is when you are placed in a clear ball with straps, your legs are sticking out so you can walk and a hole on top of the ball so you can breathe. We got to do tumbles in the ball, which is not fun when you get stuck in a headstand and all the blood is rushing to your head but it was still fun. Later on in the day we got to kayaking and jump off a trampoline in the middle of the sea and then climb up a cave in which I had to crawl through another dark tunnel to reach a waterfall which iI just thought was beautiful and then after kayaking back it was time to go home, all cold a wet and say our farewells to the people of Carlingford.