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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Just Flew In From The Windy City

This year for our school musical we have decided to do Calamity Jane, a story about a girl who is a real tomboy living in country Northern American in the 1950s. Calamity brings back a girl called Katie pretending to be a show girl called Adelaide Adams to try and save the local saloon (bar) and the story takes off from there.
    To get a part in the play you had to go to an audition and perform the song The Windy City, in the style of Calamity and then you had to do an acting audition from the scene of when Calamity first meets Katie. If you get past the auditions, you would get a call back, here you had to sing The Windy City again and then perform a duet with another person singing A Woman's Touch.This was the real testing part as you had to give it all to get a main part but I have to say it was real fun acting as a different person.
    Today we found out who got the main parts, I was fortunate to get the part of Rattlesnake, one of the miners/cowboys in the play. Rehearsals will be on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. It'll be a lot of work but a lot of fun at the same time and well worth it. The play will be on stage in February/March.


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