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Monday, October 14, 2013

Looking Into The Past

For the past week , I have been very busy from work experience to junk kouture, Drive for Life talk and the fun walk. Work experience was once again a terrific day as I have gotten even better at using the pricing gun, which I was quite proud of if I must say so myself and I got better at doing invoices, which was also a bonus. I've realized how hard it is to work for a full day and how tiring it is but I suppose if you love your job then it should be fun and something you look foreward to.
    We are also making progress on or junk kouture outfit. We have started to paint the shoes and put the leaves onto the dress. I have great faith in this dress and I really hope we do well and achieve amazing with it. Its defiantly going to be white and all that jazz and I'm most certainly excited about doing it.
  Tuesday we had a talk on road safety. Most people thought when they heard we were just going to have a talk on  putting on our seatbelts, look right and left when crossing the road, myself included in this group . But this talk was alot more graphic than we thought it would be, the man giving the talk showed us videos of people being in carcrashes , for example, a school bus in Ohio . They had security cameras on the bus but no seatbelts, when the bus driver swerved around a car , the bus toppled over and all the children on the right hand side topple onto the children onto the left, I jumoed when we watched this video as it happened so fast and has made me so concious about wearing my seatbelt.

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